Über 600 Verbesserungen in Patch 1.10

Wie CD Projekt Red in Ihrem offiziellen Forum zu The Witcher: Wild Hunt bekannt gaben, wird bald ein neuer Patch zum Spiel erscheinen. Dieser beinhaltet über 600 Verbesserungen und soll gut und gerne 15GB Speicherplatz beanspruchen. Community-Manager Marcin Momot äußerte sich wie folgt: “Es ist die größte Sammlung an Fixes, Verbesserungen und verschiedenen Erweiterungen, die wir bisher […]

Matze Keßler · 9. Oktober 2015

Wie CD Projekt Red in Ihrem offiziellen Forum zu The Witcher: Wild Hunt bekannt gaben, wird bald ein neuer Patch zum Spiel erscheinen. Dieser beinhaltet über 600 Verbesserungen und soll gut und gerne 15GB Speicherplatz beanspruchen. Community-Manager Marcin Momot äußerte sich wie folgt:

“Es ist die größte Sammlung an Fixes, Verbesserungen und verschiedenen Erweiterungen, die wir bisher für The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gebracht haben”

Wenn ihr der englischen Sprache mächtig seid, dann schaut euch doch mal die offiziellen Patchnotes zum kommenden Update 1.10 an:

Patch 1.10 Changelog


● Adds music after horse race in quest titled Ciri’s Story: The Race.

● Fixes issue whereby ambient music from surroundings of Kaer Muire could override other music.

● Fixes lack of music if autosave made before fight against pirates was loaded during quest titled Destination: Skellige.

● Adds segments to conversations with Triss and Yen before battle at Kaer Morhen.

● Adds segements to conversation with Ciri in quest titled Payback.

● Adds segments to conversation with Triss in quest titled On Thin Ice.

● Fixes issue whereby forktail could screech endlessly if ignited with the Igni Sign Igni and then slashed with a sword.

● Fixes issue entailing unintended loop in combat music during first musical sequence in New Game + mode.


● Fixes issues whereby New Game + would not start correctly from certain save files.


● Fixes rare instances of imcorrect Stamina regeneration.

● Fixes rare issue whereby player character movement remained accelerated after player used crossbow, cast bombs or engaged in sword combat on horseback.

● Fixes incorrect weight calculaction in Inventory.

● Fixes rare issue whereby slow­motion effect of Caranthir’s spell was not lifted from player character after the stipulated time.

● Fixes issue with occasional malfunction of Superior Thunderbolt potion.

● Fixes issue whereby Firestream Alternate Sign Mode skill could be used despite not being equipped in Character Development panel.

● Fixes issue whereby Roach would behave incorrectly during horse race in quest titled To Bait a Forktail…

● Fixes rare issue whereby Toxicity regeneration was blocked if player drank Water Hag decoction.

● Crafting diagrams in merchant inventories now include item level information in addition to basic information about craftable item.

● Fixes color of ‚Required level‘ as displayed in merchant inventories and Stash. Display is now same as in Inventory. If player level is insufficient for item, ‚Required level‘ is red.

● Introduces modification whereby potions and bombs can no longer be sold.

● Fixes assorted issues with quest and enemy scaling in New Game + mode.

● Introduces multiple improvements in gwent, including option to choose one of three difficulty levels. To set option, go to Options>Game.

● Introduces multiple game balance improvements in New Game + mode.

● Modifies diagram for Enhanced Legendary Wolven Gauntlets, now craftable without Griffin Gauntlets.

● Fixes issue whereby Toxicity gain from decoctions was not acurately reflected in character statistics.

● Fixes issue whereby high Toxicity level could block exploration when this involved a ladder or stepping onto a boat.

● Introduces enhancement whereby color of rune­enchanted swords now depends on runes used.

● Fixes rare issue with incorrect display of interaction prompts when appoaching ladders.

● Fixes issue whereby Geralt remained attached to sinking boat when aiming crossbow.

● Fixes rare issue whereby player character in combat mode would be propelled into the air when stepping on boat tiller.

● Fixes rare issue entailing Wild Hunt minions running in circles during quest titled The Battle of Kaer Morhen.

● Fixes issue whereby ifrits were not invulnerable to all variants of Igni Sign.

● Improves game balance for Katakan monster. ● Improves balance for Death March difficulty.

● Improves in­game information for Card Collector achievement ­ adds indicators to show missing cards.

● Fixes incorrect loot spawning on hens and geese.

● Fixes issue whereby players could not view Novigrad region map while in Velen and thus could not use Novigrad fast travel points.

● Fixes issue with undesirable checkpoint creation occurring if player acquired quests from notice board mid way through botchling story thread.

● Fixes issue with location for boss fight against Nithral that could result in NPC being immobilized.

● Fixes issue whereby tattoo from The Witcher 2 would appear in The Witcher 3 even if player completed quest culminating with its removal.

● Fixes issue whereby alternate Yrden enabled Sign to be cast multiple times using specific talent.

● Removes ability to kill NPCs (including quest NPCs) using Dragon’s Dream bomb.

● Fixes issue whereby hostile NPCs could cause Geralt to become locked in combat mode.

● Fixes issue whereby Greater Perun Runestone disabled Adrenaline Gain ability for steel and silver Mastercrafted Ursine Swords.

● Fixes issue whereby Geralt could get trapped in boatwreck in Velen.

● Fixes rare issue involving delay in appearance of interaction component.

● Fixes rare issue of missing soothsayer during quest titled Gwent: Velen Players.

● Fixes problems with player character movement following conversation with herbalists near Cunny of the Goose tavern.

● Fixes issue whereby loot bag could float in air if dropped while Geralt was in midair, i.e., jumping.

● Fixes issue whereby Yrden with elevated Sign intensity would cause foes to freeze.

● Fixes issue whereby Item Info keyboard shortcut I would close Shop screen instead of opening Item Info screen.

● Fixes incorrect wyvern behavior in specific arena.

● Fixes issue whereby player could not hand Philippa’s crystal to Yen at Kaer Morhen.

● Fixes issue whereby previously felled NPCs would be resurrected and die again on screen during conversation following combat.

● Fixes issue whereby numerous treasure hunt map icons were missing from game map.

● Fixes issue whereby image of Geralt was placed incorrectly if Inventory was opened while sailing.

● Fixes issue whereby Achievements did not work correctly on game patched to version 1.07 when played from save created from version 1.06.

● Fixes issue whereby item statistics could differ if item was purchased from merchant.

● Fixes balance issue for quest titled The Nithing played in New Game + mode.

● Fixes issue whereby player character movement could appear accelerated or decelerated after slow­motion sequences, e.g., while horseback riding.

● Fixes issue where buffs from consumption of food items were not cumulative.

● Fixes issue whereby smith at Mulbrydale incorrectly offered Superior Griffin Armor Upgrade Schematic.

● Fixes issue whereby crypt in game White Orchard could be locked permanently, thereby blocking progression of Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear.

● Fixes balance issue in New Game + mode adversely affecting fight involving Cerys during quest titled King’s Gambit.

● Fixes issue whereby Mutagen tutorial did not check if player possessed mutagens.

● Fixes issue that could render Battlefield Loot POI impossible to complete.

● Fixes incorrect functionality of Whirl skill.

● Fixes issue whereby decoy gwent card could leave residual value on game board.

● Fixes assorted issues with Roche’s default conversation, including unintended disabling of dialogue choices, of option to play cards, or of conversation as a whole upon completion of main game.

● Fixes issue whereby parries were not correctly taken into account during Combat Tutorial.

● Fixes issue whereby Reset to Default in Key Bindings did not take effect until game was reloaded.

● Fixes issue whereby missing ingredients were not updated on pinned alchemy formulae.

● Fixes issue with Philippa’s level in quest titled Blindingly Obvious in New Game + mode.

● Fixes issue whereby Inventory could be accessed at start of New Game + though access was disabled by quest.

● Fixes issue whereby arachas boss remained unresponsive for some time after last checkpoint was loaded before fight.

● Fixes issue whereby exclamation point could remain over Zoltan’s head thorughout quest titled The Battle of Kaer Morhen.

● Fixes issue where guard leading Geralt to Rosa’s cellar could begin floating in the air upon reaching set destination.

● Fixes issue whereby Ciri could leave intended gameplay area and become blocked during quest titled Ciri’s Story: Breakneck Speed.

● Fixes issue whereby deserters near Person in Distress were invincible.

● Fixes issue whereby using Igni against foes significantly increased their Stamina regeneration rate.

● Fixes issue whereby Stash tutorial was unintentionally displayed when starting new game.

● Adds missing name of mutagen obtained by looting noonwraith dilled during quest titled Contract: Devil by the Well.

● Fixes issue whereby fiend prowling southern reaches of Crookback Bog respawned each time Geralt meditated.

● Fixes issue whereby Ruined Inn in Skellige, intended to be an abandoned site, was populated before liberation.

● Fixes issue where player could be trapped between certain buildings in Oxenfurt.

● Fixes issue in New Game + mode whereby climbing was impossible due to quest titled Contract: The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest.


● Fixes incorrect operation of DLC: New Finisher Animations subsequent to installation of Patch 1.08.


● Fixes manifest file for game engine EXE to prevent game from running in Windows Vista compatibility mode.


● Introduces multiple fixes and improvements in HUD.

● Fixes „Track Quest“ button prompt, which occasionally was incorrectly displayed following „New Quest“ notification.

● Introduces multiple changes in GUI for Alchemy and Crafting.

● Fixes incorrect display of save file names when game language setting differed from system region and language settings.

● Fixes issue with crafting category display in GUI.

● Fixes multiple issues with HUD buff/debuff display formatting.

● Fixes instances of background text flickering when selected books were opened.

● Fixes issue whereby Slow/Reverse Boat was not bound to Movement­Down key.

● Fixes issue entailing clipping of lettering displayed with upscaled fonts in certain languages.

● Alters pop­up message displayed when players choose to travel to Isle of Mists ­ updated for New Game +.

● Fixes Inventory sorting order for potions, bombs, oils, food, etc.

● Fixes issue where Dismantle pop­up was not properly localized in all languages.

● Fixes issue where abandoned settlement lacked appropriate marker.